MORE torque – to get MORE done

If making tall grass short provides you with your livelihood, then nothing is more important than the tools you rely on each and every day. As a professional, you need a brushcutter that can maximise your productivity without compromising comfortable operation, reliability or durability.

ECHO’s range of ‘high torque’ brushcutters have been specifically designed to deliver against these requirements. Utilising a unique gearbox design, ECHO’s ‘TES’ range of high torque brushcutters deliver up to 50% more torque at the cutting head compared to previous models. This means that a TES brushcutter provides the same cutting performance as a larger machine but with a smaller, light-weight engine.

ECHO’s high torque gearbox has an incredible 1:2.07 gear reduction ratio (dependent on model) – this means that the cutting head spins a full one-and-a-quarter times for every engine cycle. This incredible level of torque makes the TES range highly versatile. Fitted with a blade or heavy-duty line, a TES brushcutter is as much at home clearing dense scrub or brush as it is trimming grass in a garden.

Why is torque important? With a normal 2 stroke brushcutter, the cutting head can get ‘bogged down’ when cutting thick, dense material. Engine revs drop as additional load is placed on the gearbox. Not only does this increase wear on the power tool, but productivity is reduced each time the operator lifts the brushcutter out of the material to regain head momentum.

Landscapers and gardeners count on ECHO brushcutters every working day. They demand reliable and dependable tools that reduce fatigue, are comfortable to use and perform to the very highest professional standards. ECHO are extremely confident in their machines – they come with a 2-year professional warranty.


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