Vitax’s Esteem, (produced by Dow Agrosciences) their most effective selective weed killer to date is suitable for use with all types of sprayers from tractor mounted machines to pedestrian models like the company’s EvenSprey range.
Producing outstanding control on all difficult weeds such as clover, dandelions, daisies, plantains and creeping thistle Esteem has proved its efficiency on both fine and amenity turf with an application rate of just three litres per hectare.
“The three different active ingredients, clopyralid, 2,4-D and MCPA, give a broad and robust spectrum of weed control to a wide range of turf weeds,” explains Mike King, Sales and Marketing Manager, Vitax Supaturf. “Clopyralid is particularly good at working throughout the whole of the plant right down to the roots, which ensures longer lasting and more effective weed control.”
In some circumstances the product has proved so effective that one application per season is sufficient.
“Products such as Esteem pay dividends especially when budgets are being squeezed,” Mike continues. “Some of the older phenoxy products may appear on the surface to be cheaper but they just do not perform as well. Weeds grow back within weeks and you then need to go on again with a further application. If you have a product that can be applied once in a season and it gives the control you need not only will you be saving time but also money.”
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