Modern landscaping revolution

Evergreens UK has launched a new product range exclusively for the trade market.
Under the banner, iGrass, the products have been created in response to the ever growing landscaping revolution, with Evergreens UK seeing a 25% year on year increase in business from trade customers.
iGrass uses the company’s ‘intelligence yarn’ technology. This industry innovation ensures the next generation iGrass yarns have resilience, durability and most importantly memory. The ability to recover its shape sets iGrass apart from its rivals and means the new products can be used in an unlimited variety of applications from gardens and roofs to play areas to pool sides.
The combination of polyethylene and polypropylene means that iGrass is exceptionally soft and realistic in appearance. The grass is sand dressed for weight and its appearance is enhanced by the uniformity of the yarns.
Moreover iGrass has an impressive stock holding and offers a free next day delivery service, so all orders can be processed quickly.
James Footitt, Evergreens UK Managing Director ( pictured) told The Landscaper, “The launch of iGrass is a major milestone for the company. Our trade division has seen phenomenal growth in recent years as the revolution in landscape surfaces takes hold, so it was only natural to create a new dedicated division.
“Developing these exclusive iGrass products has also seen our 25 years of experience come into play as we craft new yarn combinations. The result is a portfolio of high quality yet affordable products that is perfect for professional landscapers, designers and architects.”
The iGrass products now available are:
Prices for iGrass range from £10.99 to £19.99 plus VAT including free delivery and subject to terms and conditions.
Artificial grass is not just used simply as a replacement for natural turf, but enhances hard landscaped areas, works alongside other materials to add texture, has practical time saving attributes and is a modern alternative to decking.
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