Mobile app helps business improve productivity without employing more people

More work means more paperwork, especially with additional daily job sheets, risk assessments, health and safety forms, vehicle check, before and after photos. To avoid being deluged with documents and need an army of admins to keep up with it, forward thinking landscaping companies have been embracing the digital advancements in the sector using a mobile App. 

Tony Benger Landscaping in the South West were one of the first companies to go digital with Re-flow, a mobile field service management solution.

Re-flow designed the mobile app forms based on their old paper timesheets and forms. That meant all the team were really familiar with the layout, so as soon as they saw the software, they took to it really easily. 

Going digital saved time, enabling the company to provide a more effective service to their customers and explore new aspects of work.

“Any business in the landscaping field that thinks it can carry on doing it on a paper-based system is just fooling itself; you’ve got to embrace new technology,”  says Tony Benger.

Re-flow has halved the number of job sheets they write every day, which means they have time to explore other aspects of work, such as chasing new business, without having to hire additional admin staff. 

Find out more about how you can use Re-flow to help your business grow and watch some other customer success stories.

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