Market will grow.. garden products market

The garden products market will grow by £95 million in 2010, according to a new report from MTW Research, despite ‘gardengrabbing’ loopholes and a range of other factors dampening short-term growth prospects for the industry.
The industry will experience moderate rises in both volume and value terms this year across most key product sectors in the garden products market, as positive key market influences continue to outweigh those negative issues which are currently preventing above inflation growth.
With current forecasts of a warmer 2010, courtesy of El Nino, the rise in the use of the garden as a place for entertaining should continue in 2010 providing stimulus for a wide range of complementary garden products.
The garden timber market and hard landscaping products lost around £150 million in sales during the recession, according to the 300 page report, as householders postponed garden refurbishment projects in light of the fragile economic landscape in 2008 and 2009. MTW state that as consumer confidence gathers strength later this year, an element of ‘pent-up’ demand should offer good volume growth opportunities for suppliers active in sectors such as the decking market, with porous paving also offering added value opportunities.
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