LPG POWER….Avant Tecno

Avant Tecno has announced the availability of the first LPG fuelled model in its current range of machines.
The 525LPG is powered by a 17 kW (23 hp) Kubota 3-cylinder, water cooled engine fed from a gas bottle mounted horizontally above the engine at the rear of the machine.
This new unit is hence ideal for many indoor demolition, refurbishing and materials handling duties where a compact yet powerful articulated loader is required and it is not possible to use a diesel or petrol driven machine.
The 525LPG is similar in size to the company’s existing 520 model, being 2420 mm long and 1100 mm wide when equipped with the standard wheels, making it very easy to transport between sites. It also features the same hydrostatic transmission and an ability to lift 1350 kg to a maximum height of 2.9 m.
So as not to impede access to the engine compartment, the gas bottle mounting bracket can simply be folded out of the way to allow routine servicing to be carried out.
The hydraulic system is also similar to that of other models in the Avant range and consists of a pilot operated variable displacement pump for the drive circuit and a gear pump providing up to 37 l/min to the auxiliary circuits. This system has been carefully designed to provide the optimal oil flow to suit the large selection of Avant attachments.
The fully hydrostatic, 4-wheel drive machine is offered with a comprehensive standard specification which includes a self-levelling telescopic boom, as well as a choice of cab and tyres.

Tel: 01953 714896.
sales@avanttecno.co.uk www.avanttecno.co.uk

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