A new range of machined round fencing timbers, specifically designed to give an extended service life of up to 15 years at an affordable price, has been launched M&M Timber.
M&M’s new Agricised Timber posts, strainers and struts gives a much longer service life than standard treated timber posts and provides an affordable solution to premature post failure.
Once the machine rounded timbers have been pointed they pass through a purpose designed incisor process that adds a ground contact band of consistent and uniform incisions to a depth of up to 10mm along a third of its length which includes the vulnerable decay zone.
These incisions enable a consistent band of Osmose Celcure preservative protection that meets Use Class 4 (UC4) BS8417 ground contact zone requirements. The process also serves to ease surface tension and reduces the incidence of surface cracking.
Andy Hodge, Commercial Director told The Landscaper “Throughout the design and development period we have been working in conjunction with both a leading UK sawmill engineering company and Osmose Timber Technologies to arrive at a unique process for a product that is ideally suited to UK conditions.
“Understandably, because of the economic climate, land owners have had little choice but to settle for the cheaper fencing options, which end up costing the customer dearly when they fail after only a short time in service. Now we are able to offer an affordable alternative that will contribute to a positive long term reduction in land management overheads.”
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