Low pressure loader

The low ground pressure offered by the new T110 compact tracked loader from Bobcat has provided a novel solution for the construction of a new £3 million service reservoir for South East Water at Cranbrook.
Designed to hold 10 million litres of water, the new reservoir has been built on land adjacent to South East Water’s existing water storage site in Cranbrook. The new reservoir effectively doubles the amount of water that can be stored at the site, some 21 million litres in total, which is needed to ensure continuous supplies to the region.
Constructed of reinforced concrete with internal columns, the reservoir has been built partially below ground-level and is surrounded by grassed embankments to minimise its visual impact. The project required that the roof of the reservoir be grassed over and the land restored to its original condition on completion of the project.
To work on the roof, Dean & Dyball Civil Engineering needed to take into account strict weight restrictions. With a low ground pressure of only 0.32 kg/cm² (31.7 kPa), which is much less than an average adult human standing on the same surface, the new rubber tracked T110 loader proved to be the perfect tool for spreading earth on the roof of the reservoir prior to grassing over the area.
Equipped with 250 mm wide rubber tracks, the T110 can travel easily over roads, pavements and pedestrian walkways without causing damage. The rubber tracks offer superior traction and flotation on soft and wet surfaces as well as superior stability and maximum pushing force for work

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Bobcat have a 3 years free finance + 3 years free warranty + 3 years free service deal available to the end of November 009 for the T110

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