Low cost Security…

Inventor Richard Baxter

A West Midlands businessman Richard Baxter has introduced a new low-cost solution to the ongoing problem of machinery theft. The Block Stem agricultural and plant security system is suitable for tractors, construction plant such as JCBs and even mini-diggers, or any other self-propelled machine with an exposed power steering ram.
Manufactured in two sections from very heavy-duty steel, the tamper-proof Block Stem simply slots together over the hydraulic steering axle ram of any self-propelled machine, and is locked in place with a unique key when the wheels are at full lock.
Once fitted, the unit not only acts as an effective visual deterrent; it also means the vehicle can only go round in circles, thus preventing the vehicle from being loaded or driven away, even if the thief has the ignition key.
Block Stem is available in different lengths up to 220mm and diameters from 22 to 50mm. These dimensions fit almost all available makes of hydraulic steering ram on the market, but individual units can also be made to order.
Imported from Italy, the Block Stem system costs £240 plus VAT .
Tel: +44 (0)1902 744475

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