Lions & Dragons… galvanised steel

Drivers travelling from Wales into England along the new 3 mile A5117 Deeside Park Junction road to the NW of Chester will receive a dramatic welcome – a 20 metre long lion. Travellers heading towards Wales will be welcomed by a huge 17 metre high dragon.
Richard Waddell of Moore Environment was the artist and architect behind the scheme, with the work being carried out by Carillion on behalf of the Highways Agency. The features are cut into purpose designed roadside embankments, and were formed using 400 metres of EverEdge galvanised steel edging, before being infilled with 10 tonnes of white marble stone pebbles.
EverEdge was chosen over UV Polypropylene, Aluminium and other steel edging products for its strength, flexibility and scope of products available. Carillion assigned a former panel beater to lead the construction team and with the help of a temporary but sturdy post on site to help work and bend the edging to some very tight radii, the team were delighted with the edging material (EverEdge ProEdge 125 x 2500 x 2.5 mm) which performed well in extremely difficult site conditions. The team are very confident that EverEdge was the cost effective choice that will last through the intended design life of the features.
Moore Environment were impressed with the service and advice from EverEdge throughout the entire process. Said Richard Waddell, “EverEdge have commendable products, the use of which for this feature, demonstrates the diversity of situations in which the products can be used, backed by excellent sales and product support”.
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