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Lindum Turf has developed a range of products for golf courses, sports grounds and landscaping, and has earned a reputation for consistently high quality turf and innovation in grass technology.
The golf turf range includes the high bent content LT1 Tournament Greens turf, plus turf for Tees, Surrounds, Fairways and Revetting.
Lindum produce a very hardwearing sports turf, LT6 Sporturf, in a range of formats including Thick cut, Washed, and Fibre Reinforced.
Also available are fibre reinforced Lokturf for walkways, Grassfelt for real grass winter tees mats, RTF for drought tolerance and wear recovery, and Wildflower Turf to create instant wildlife areas for biodiversity and visual impact.
Lindum are one the UK’s leading providers of specialist turf for golf courses.
A diverse range of turf is needed, to cover greens, tees, fairways, bunkers, high traffic areas and landscaping around the golf course.
The range includes turf made up of varying mixtures of finer grasses suitable for specialist golf greens, as well as low maintenance mixtures requiring reduced mowing and irrigation.
The following grades of Lindum turf are particularly recommended for greens:
LT1 Tournament Greens – A dense Bent/Fescue sward with very high purity and low thatch content. The final composition is 60-70% Bent and 30-40% Fescue. Mowing height at harvest is 6-8mm. It can be grown in three formats: on USGA specification rootzone, washed to avoid soil contamination or grown on sandy loam soil.
LT2 Low Maintenance Fine Turf – An environmentally sustainable mixture requiring reduced mowing and lower maintenance. Its fine appearance is particularly suitable for greens and greens surrounds as a fescue replacement. The mixture is based on Fescues and includes Crested Hairgrass, which thrives in dry, low-fertility situations, along with hard fescue, which is also drought tolerant.
LT3 Ryegreen – for greens surrounds and for greens subject to heavy wear. It contains the outstanding fine-leafed ryegrass Bargold (30%) which can withstand mowing down to 5/6mm. A dense attractive fine turf which becomes even finer as mowing heights are gradually reduced.
Tees and Fairways:
The following grades of Lindum turf are particularly recommended for tees and fairways:
LT4 Smooth Stalked Tees – A high quality mixture of Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass and Fescue combining fine appearance with hard wear and recovery.
LT5 Rye Tees – A hard wearing mix combining the repair and recovery of wear tolerant ryegrasses with a dense Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass/Fescue base.
LT9 RTF – for bunker surrounds, footpaths, walkways and high wear areas. Has drought resistant properties and excellent repair capability with its horizontal rhizomatous system.
All grades can be supplied as Lindum Washed Turf. A mature turf, this is particularly beneficial for new greens surfaces constructed with a high specification USGA rootzone.
Other specialist products recommended for golf courses are:
LT2 Low Maintenance – suitable for greens, fairways, bunker surrounds and semi-rough. Also exposed drought prone areas and areas that only need mowing one or twice a year.
Lindum Grassfelt – ideal for steep slopes, embankments and for erosion control
Lindum Lokturf – ideal for walkways and high traffic areas around the golf course, as well as overflow grass car parking and grass access roads
Lindum Wildflower – creates an instant wildflower meadow, ideal for encouraging wildlife such as bumblebees on the golf course
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