Leaves and litter – in the bag

When it comes to clearing up autumn leaves and all types of litter and debris year-round, Little Wonder has it in the bag.
That’s a hefty top-loading 282 litre capacity bag which comes with the Little Wonder Pro Vac SP. A leaf and litter vacuum that is designed to increase productivity, collecting twice the load of the nearest competition so you spend less time emptying it. Self-propelled, the Pro Vac SP moves faster, manoeuvres better and gets the job done quicker, and we’re not talking just about leaf collection.
This vacuum will pick up all types of debris, large and small, from bottles and cans to straw and gravel and everything in between that can be sucked up by the powerful Honda driven impeller, with the force of a hurricane wind. And that makes the Pro Vac ideal for clean ups in parks, amenity, residential and industrial applications, commercial sites and car parks. All this is done at industry-leading speed, with worry-free Hydro-Gear T2 transmission, at up to 4.2mph forwards and up to 1.8mph in reverse. Moving at speed you can breath easy with a ‘windshield’ that diverts dust to ground level while you enjoy a clear line of sight, with visibility over the machine and a good view of the front nozzle area. The nozzle height adjusts automatically so there’s no need to stop the engine to change height settings to avoid scalping and digging in on rough terrains.
The Little Wonder looks after operator comfort with an arched paddle handle to allow professional users of virtually any size to find a comfortable operating position. The sleek design and rugged front swivel wheels make turning and following curved paths and drives effortless. Heavy-duty treaded rear drive wheels allow excellent traction on both concrete and grass and there’s a toe tap dump valve for easy engine off manoeuvrability. All this comes at an affordable price and backed by the comprehensive Little Wonder two-year warranty.


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