Largest Bear Cat

The launch of the largest Bear Cat Chipper, the CH1238DH, was celebrated at this year’s Saltex. Bear Cat dealers were keen to see the new 30.5cm (12”) chipper in action.

The new chipper is capable of reducing wood up to a diameter of 30.5cm (12”) to fine chips using four, reversible, heat-treated steel chipper blades. Each blade is 4cm thick and measures 23cm long, and the whole blade assembly weighs an incredible 450kg. Powered by a 99hp Kubota 4 cylinder diesel engine, and featuring a live hydraulic feed system with ‘try again’ facility, this robust chipper is supplied on a twin axle, fitted with 38cm wheels to enable safe and secure towing and stability during operation. The feed roller rotates counter clockwise at 1380rpm, and a flow control valve adjusts chipping speed from 0 to 44 board meters per minute.

The 360o rotating chain-driven discharge chute with 21.6cm square opening, fitted with adjustable deflector, allows the operator to choose where the chips go. The chute extends to the end of the hitch for efficient loading of the chips into a truck.

The new 30.5cm chipper is now available for the first time in the UK.
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Fax: 01844 278809

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