Landscaping uniform…. tax rebates

Staff in the landscaping industry who have to wear a uniform to work could be entitled to claim for a special tax rebate, according to workwear specialists Alexandra.
Employees who wear a recognisable uniform that clearly shows their occupation, such as a branded polo shirt or full uniform, and have to wash, repair or replace it themselves may be eligible to apply for tax relief of £60 per annum.
Nick Acaster, marketing director at Alexandra, said: “This is a great boost for uniform-wearing workers. The majority of employees in the landscaping industry have to wear some form of uniform to work each day, but many do not realise they could be entitled to claim tax relief for having to keep it clean and looking presentable.
“Most people can claim for the last six years, plus the current year, if they have been wearing their uniforms for all of that time with the exception of the nurses flat rate deduction that applies from the 2008/9 tax year. However, the amount they are entitled to receive depends on how much tax their pay.”
Alexandra is a leading international provider of workwear and corporate clothing, with 150 years of experience. It’s backed by Men’s Wearhouse, one of North America’s largest specialty retailers of men’s apparel.

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