Keep Your Garden Growing

Plants and trees are expensive to replace, and with Britain potentially facing the most extreme heatwave in 42 years, it’s crucial to keep your greenery hydrated.
Keeping your plants, trees and grass healthy is the passion and expertise of SCH Supplies, and as manufacturers of waterers, no one understands the importance of adequate hydration better. With rainfall at a minimum, and soring temperatures scorching leaves, plants across our beautiful and once green country are wilting, turning brown, and dying.
SCH manufacture essential plant saving watering units, with capacities from 50 to 900 litres. These watering units are typically towed behind a ride on lawnmower or a small tractor, but some can be pulled along by hand, allowing plants far from your fixed water source to thrive. Most watering units are fitted with either an electric or petrol powered pump, giving a significant flow rate to save time, and allowing you to spray water over a vast area or to reach those plants at the back of the flowerbed.
SCH have seen a huge increase in demand from individuals that want to keep their garden growing this summer, and when you consider their robust full steel framed designs at affordable prices, it’s not surprising.
By designing and manufacturing their equipment themselves, SCH has great flexibility when it comes to customers requesting variations to their standard products. This means the companies’ huge array of watering units, trailers, grass care systems, sprayers and their other products can be customised to suit the requirements of the user, allowing them to keep their greenery looking beautiful, as efficiently as possible.

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