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This photograph taken in late spring, illustrates the awkward slopes at the rear of house, which were re-graded and re-seeded. Level grass paths run by carefully sculpted curved walls, which were built of reclaimed local stone and the unruly forest of trees was thinned to create areas of light and shadow. The slopes are planted with bold sweeping groups of Rhododendron and the woodland boundaries with different species of Acer, Magnolia, Camellia and perfumed Azalea. Areas of densely planted groundcover include Hedera, Blechnum, Vinca, Digitalis and Helleborus with snowdrops and bluebells.Set in a tranquil and secret area, the cascade was built into the hillside in the front garden. Constructed of large York stone boulders which had to be installed by machine, under careful supervision by Jennifer, the cascade is planted with small Ferns, Ivies, Helxine and shade loving small Geraniums. In late spring, the surrounding planting of Acer, Digitalis, Polystichums and Rhododendrons are at their freshest and loveliest.

A beautifully crafted pergola designed for the walled garden’s Italianate terrace with Jennifer’s usual meticulous attention to detail. The original garden walls were retained but carefully ‘repaired’ to retain their aged appearance. Walls and steps were constructed of a mixture of new and reclaimed York stone. The sides of the steps planted with large swathes of evergreen Box to soften and complement the stone. The pergola newly planted with Vines and the terrace with topiarised Box, Lavender and Cypress.

Designer Jennifer Gayler offers a complete, tailor-made service including garden and plant design and planning, contract management and planting. Using her unique skills, knowledge and love of plants and materials, she creates gardens of all styles and sizes, in both urban and rural settings. The result is a unique and individual garden, reflecting her client’s tastes, personality and practical requirements.

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