It’s all in the Compost….hanging floral displays

From early spring through to summer part of creating a perfect garden will be the part played by hanging floral displays.
The perfect basket will have been thought through carefully; featuring a balance of texture, colour, uprights and trailers.
In order to produce the best flowers and maintain freshness throughout the season, as much thought really needs to go into the compost used for planting, and Sarah Dean of Dean’s Nursery in North Essex, has the perfect formula.
Sarah plants up to 500 baskets every year and not only gives demonstrations at rural county shows she also supplies plants and compost for local villages taking part in annual ‘In Bloom’ competitions.
“It is essential that the baskets created for my customers have the best ingredients possible to give lasting value. The plants have been grown here from seed and the compost used is my tried and tested formula to help maintain the colour and the glory of a healthy hanging display.”
“All that is left to do is to water and dead head the plants regularly and if hung in the right position the basket will perform beautifully in any garden all summer long and into autumn.”
Sarah Dean’s compost ‘recipe’ for tubs and baskets
60% peat
20% sterilized loam
7.5% peat fines
7.5% fine bark
5% grit
100 litres perlite per cubic metre
0.05 wetting agent
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