Investors in people …LANTRA

Lantra, the Sector Skills Council supporting land-based industries, hhave announced that they have been appointed to accredit the Investors in People programme to English businesses operating within the landscaping, horticulture and sports turf industries.
Investors in People is a business improvement tool which links staff development with increased business profitability and levels of service. Investors in People supports and accredits employers that follow a structured business development programme. Research shows that the Investors in People programme helps improve the financial performance of a business, by helping them continually strive to deliver quality products and services.*
Lantra is one of five newly approved centres, and is the first Sector Skills Council (SSC) to have this opportunity and responsibility. The programme is now run by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES).
Peter Martin, Lantra’s Chief Executive, told The Landscaper : “Investors in People helps businesses become more competitive, dynamic and professional which is why we believe in the programme. We don’t just believe in it though, we also live by it. We have been strong supporters and promoters of Investors in People since we were first accredited in 1995.

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