Inspect the inspectors…

The APL has produced a video, which can be viewed via the APL website. For the first time, the public can view behind the scenes footage of the rigorous inspection process all APL members undergo each year to ensure APL Customer Charter criteria are being met. The ‘APL Inspection Video’, created by SweetPotatoPictures shows independent inspector Neville Stein carrying out an assessment of a Holland Landscapes project in Essex.
Each year, Neville, along with other independent assessors visit APL members while they are working on a landscape project to evaluate every aspect from paperwork to technical processes, checking that members comply with the APL Customer Charter – this includes assessing everything from the quality of hard and soft landscaping and technical competencies through to insurance policies and risk assessments. Over-and-above these stringent inspections the APL is also the only landscaping scheme operator of TrustMark, a Government endorsed initiative promoting professional trades people to consumers.
APL Inspector, Neville Stein comments: “The whole process is extremely thorough. We scrutinise the fundamental elements of landscaping such as examining the health of plants, checking if trees have been planted correctly and even ensure that all correspondence between the landscaper and client is clear and detailed.”

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