Immovable objects

Premier Plant Hire is a huge fan of Kubota’s key-based ‘ANTI-THEFT’ security system after it helped prevent the theft of two of its mini excavators.

Thieves failed to start the engine of a 1.5 tonne KX36-3 machine left overnight on a customer’s construction site in Coventry, despite drilling into the ignition lock.

Two weeks later, thieves attempted to steal a 3 tonne KX71-3 machine left overnight at a County Council road works site in Cadeby, near Leicester. Once again they failed to start the machine’s engine.

Premier Plant Hire of Leicester has a 50–strong fleet of Kubota mini excavators with models from across the weight range. They make up almost 100 per cent of its total mini excavator holding, with all of the newer Kubota machines fitted with the ‘ANTI-THEFT’ system which now comes as standard.

The plant hirer’s owner, Robbie Hughes, said: "As we all know, plant theft from sites is a major problem today, which is why the Kubota security system is so valuable.

"Police say that if thieves can’t get a machine started in 10-15 minutes they usually give up, which is exactly what happened to us. I only wish that other construction equipment manufacturers had similar efficient security systems fitted to their machines."

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