Iconic plant .. Torry Hill estate Fencing

Bluebell is a species traditionally associated with managed ancient woodland, particularly those that have been regularly coppiced. Coppicing is the oldest form of woodland management and the regular cutting and regrowth creates a habitat where bluebells and other wildlife can thrive.
The Torry Hill estate consists of 1,000 acres of beautiful woodland near Doddington, Kent. The coppiced timber is used to make the large range of chestnut fencing products that Torry Hill Chestnut Fencing produces and supplies to its large client base. This outlet for the timber ensures that the woodlands are managed and the bluebells flourish. Customers of Torry Hill Chestnut Fencing know that they are buying a well made traditional product and at the same time are helping to preserve the bluebells.
“Bluebells are the most iconic plant in the Torry Hill chestnut woods,” said John Leigh-Pemberton, owner of Torry Hill Chestnut Fencing. “In April and May newly cut cants are a carpet of blue with hundreds of flowers per square metre. The beautiful flowers and wildlife that, quite literally come to life after the coppicing process, are a sign that timber harvesting can truly benefit woodland.”

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