Human Shrub at Conference

The Greening the UK campaign, with the help of the Human Shrub (the Banksy of the gardening world) and a gorilla, will highlight the decline in planting and green spaces in new developments around the country with a spot of gardening at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester on Wednesday

A number of shadow cabinet members, local councillors and local gardening groups have been invited to help out and will be asked to show their support for preserving and enhancing urban green spaces.
The Shrub said: “In the current climate, and in particular given the plight of the bees, it is utterly disgraceful that there has been up to a 50% decline in the amount of planting and green spaces actually delivered on new builds over the last decade. We need a radical approach to planting and all of the political humans need to unite and start implementing policies on this immediately.”

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