Horticultural Excellence

Andy Sturgeon won Gold and the prestigious ‘Award for Horticultural Excellence’ for a contemporary tropical garden at the Singapore Garden Festival last month.
The biennial garden event, which launched in 2006 and now attracts 300,000 international visitors over nine days, is one of Asia’s biggest garden festivals.
It is the first time a British designer has been awarded the Show’s coveted ‘Award for Horticultural Excellence’. Sturgeon was one of 39 designers participating at this year’s show, where designers from the UK and 18 other countries were represented.
Sturgeon’s contemporary tropical garden was one of 15 ‘Landscape and Fantasy Gardens’ staged in the two-hectare indoor arena. Called Upper Hand, it featured three horizontal canopies that floated over a deck wrapped by lush planting and defined by stone walls and a reflective pool, creating a series of spaces that were neither inside nor outside.
Sturgeon said: “The garden acknowledges that man can make an intervention in nature but cannot conquer it and ultimately nature will colonise and reclaim and take the upper hand”

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