High demand expected for natural slug controls

Sipcam, the company behind the ecofective® brand of natural plant protection products, is rushing to meet demand from retailers who are stocking-up on environmentally-friendly slug controls ahead of the metaldehyde slug pellet ban on 30th June.

Many garden centres and DIY retailers have now exhausted stocks of metaldehyde, with buyers placing orders for greener alternatives. Consumers have until spring 2020 to use-up their supplies, when outdoor use of metaldehyde must end.

Ecofective®’s Head of Sales, Nigel Thompson, says: “It’s vital that retailers stock-up on alternatives to metaldehyde ahead of the ban, to ensure the continued availability of slug controls and help consumers to make the switch to chemical-free alternatives. The metaldehyde ban comes at a point in the season when slugs and snails can cause immense damage to young flower and vegetable plants, if controls are not applied. Sipcam offers a number of highly effective natural slug controls that will help retailers to plug the gap left by metaldehyde and grow sales of eco-friendly products.”

New ecofective® Slug Killer is a high-quality pelleted bait that provides effective slug control using a ferric phosphate formula. Available from Homebase and supplied in a recycled container, it’s approved for organic gardening. It contains FERRIMAX® bait that causes slugs to stop feeding and move away from the area.

RHS Slug Killer  is an effective slug and snail control that’s also approved for organic growing. Its ferric phosphate pellets are rain-resistant and suitable for use around flowers, fruit and vegetables. Once positioned in moist areas, pellets soak-up water and swell, making them even more appealing for slugs to eat. 

A third essential product is ecofective® Slug Defence, which is used to create a physical barrier around edible and non-edible plants. Long-lasting, non-toxic granules deter slugs and snails from reaching plants throughout the growing season. Child, pet and bee-friendly, the product has been developed from naturally-derived ingredients that do not turn spongy when wet, unlike some clay repellents. The granules can be used to protect plants in pots and containers, too.

To find out more about the full ecofective® range from Sipcam please visit www.ecofective.uk.com

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