Hidden Killer!

All of Wolseley’s UK businesses including Build Center, Plumb Center and Parts Center will again be showing their support for the HSE’s Asbestos ‘The Hidden Killer’ campaign which begins on 2nd November and runs for four weeks.
‘Asbestos: The Hidden Killer’ aims to target tradesmen who may disturb or damage asbestos as they go about their work and make sure that they are fully aware of the dangers how they can protect themselves .
Figures from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) show that around a quarter of the 4,000 or so people dying from asbestos-related diseases each year in Britain are tradesmen such as joiners, electricians and plumbers. About twenty lose their lives each week. What is more worrying though is the fact that the number of deaths linked to asbestos continues to rise and is expected to peak between 2010-2020.
Matthieu Daney is a branch manager at Build Center in West Wickham and was closely involved in the campaign last year. He said:“At Wolseley we are a big point of contact for lots of different tradespeople from the one man businesses to bigger firms with several staff on the payroll. Awareness levels vary widely; some customers had heard about some of the dangers of asbestos but had forgotten the facts, whilst others were unaware of the latest thinking regarding precautions, so the information packs went down really well.”

To find a Wolseley branch please log on to www.wolseley.co.uk

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