Haven for Bedding, Fruit and Herbs

As a bolt-on option to their Modu-wall cassette range, Vertiflora have introduced the‘h2globe’ range of hanging baskets. This sturdy product is made from HDPE and is designed to provide huge savings in water useage. There is also minimal water waste as any excess water is stored in a reservoir at the base of the basket and used by the plant as required. This, coupled with the need to only water on a weekly basis will appeal to cash strapped local government amenity departments on the trade side.
The ‘enclosed’ basket design ensures that plants are held in place until rooting is established. They are simple and easy to plant up and require no moss. The basket will not dry out and ensures stunning plant growth. They can provide a perfect haven for a range of plant material such as bedding, fruit and herbs.
Tel: 01386 882475.

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