The Greenkeepers Training Committee (GTC) in association with The R&A will be hosting workshops for staff working at the GTC Approved Training Providers during 2009 to ensure the programme to promote the sustainable golf course is promoted to all levels of greenkeeping students.

David Golding, GTC’s Education Director comments on the special project “it is the GTC’s responsibility to ensure the turf lecturers and guidance officers working at GTC Approved Centres are supported with the relevant information in order that not only todays Course Managers but the future Managers fully understand the benefits of the programme to maintain and manage in a sustainable manner.

Steve Isaac the R&A’s Director – Golf Course Management added, “ In order to get the message across to as many greenkeepers as possible, it is essential that Training Providers understand what sustainability means for golf course development and management and that they are comfortable with the concept. The R&A is delighted to be working closely with the GTC to achieve this aim.” Tel: 01347 838640

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