Groot Groen event for nursery trade

Groot Groen Plus, the international trade fair for nursery stock, will take place in Zundert the Netherlands from October 2-4, 2019.

More than 250 exhibitors have already signed up to this increasingly important exhibition.  Visitors can meet up with suppliers of trees, shrubs, perennials and young plants.

The event takes place in an area devoted and dominated by horticulture. In the Zundert area alone there are more than 140 nurseries. There are also participants from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy  Russia Poland and Switzerland.

There are many exciting features to this years show. A fascinating sensory garden with a large seating area that incorporates all the senses. The green roof market is massive over the channel and is growing rapidly as concern about the environment increases. Dutch Greenroof are a major player and can supply all the essentials for creating the perfect green roof.

Joh.Stolwiik and Sons is one the Hollands leading growers will be at Groot Groen
Picture credit: Joh.Stolwiik and Sons

Joh.Stolwiik and Sons is one the Hollands leading growers. They sell shrubs, rhododendron/azalea, climbers, perennials, grasses, conifers, and fruit plants at highly competitive prices.

This year Groot Groen Plus is offering special arrangements for UK visitors.  Check out the shows web site

The Landscaper editorial  team will be visiting the show and reporting for our November edition.

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