Green wood

A new revolutionary timber manufacturing and treatment process, guaranteed to give a 15 year service life for fencing, landscaping and play timbers and setting new environmental benchmarks, is set to revolutionise M&M’s part of the UK timber industry.

Midlands landscape and fencing timber specialist M&M Timber has become the first in the country to adopt the new process and offer a 15 year guarantee. Micronized timber also brings other benefits such as improved corrosion protection of metal fixings and a natural fresh and consistent colour. Within hours of the announcement, the firm was signing up agreements with some of the nation’s top distributors.

“This must rank as one of the most significant developments ever undertaken by our company,” says M&M Timber’s managing director Nigel Poyner, “There’s no doubt that micronized timber is the way forward and, through our close association with Osmose, we are now on our way to securing market leadership in this important sector of the industry.”

M&M Timber will be introducing its micronized timber across its branded ranges of commercial landscaping timbers, playground equipment, agricultural and equestrian fencing, home and garden products, and amenity and leisure structures.

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