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Twig’s owner David Eyre

The UK’s largest and most high-tech greenhouse complex is going back to nature, with an ambitious scheme to plant 15,000 trees and shrubs and around 16 hectares of chalk grassland to the grounds of Thanet Earth in Kent.
Landscaping firm Twig has just completed the soft landscaping for the project, which will transform the appearance of the complex of giant glasshouses. The small team finished the demanding task in just two and a half weeks.
Planting has also been carefully planned to encourage biodiversity, ultimately creating an attractive, thriving and sustainable space.
Twig, which specialises in landscaping and countryside management “with conservation in mind,” has worked closely with Thanet Earth in the installation of native plants to complement the local environment.
Phase one of the planting in this very free draining soil is now complete. Hawthorn, hazel, dogwood and trees such as maple, beech and cherry are among the many native species of trees and shrubs being added to the landscape. Climbers – clematis and lonicera have been added for their rich food habitat content for wildlife.
Twig has also covered 16 hectares with a calcareous grass mix, containing both native grass and wild flower seeds.
Thanet Earth aims to make a significant contribution to the conservation in the UK of chalk grassland, which has rapidly diminished over the past 20 years.
This is promoted by the UK Biodiversity Action Plan and a valuable habitat for birds, insects and plants will be created.
Twig’s owner David Eyre has taken on four local staff to help manage the prestigious contract. “We are really pleased to be involved in this fantastic project.
“We are an expanding team and I am extremely proud that we have successfully carried out such a large-scale task, both on time and on budget. Twig has worked closely with Thanet Earth to keep the costs to a minimum whilst adhering strictly to the brief.
“Our philosophy is always to landscape with conservation in mind and this is exactly what we are doing at Thanet Earth.
“The trees, shrubs and chalkland will not only make a real difference to the site’s appearance, but will also create suitable habitat for an abundance of wildlife.”

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