Green Spaces Transferred

The future of an attractive woodland, a play area and seven other pieces of land in Warrington have been secured thanks to a deal between the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) and the Land Trust.
The deal sees the HCA transferring the ownership of land totalling over 11 hectares to national public space management charity the Land Trust together with a legacy fund (endowment) to cover all future management costs.
The nine sites known as the Warrington Community Related Assets include an attractive woodland, a popular play area, a tree-lined walkway in to the countryside, an inert ex-landfill site that’s now an appealing open space and two areas of grassland.
Euan Hall, chief executive of the Land Trust comments, “The value of these spaces should not be underestimated because they provide places to play, walk the dog, have a kick-a-bout and provide access to a wider network of green spaces. The spaces were originally created from the residential and commercial developments associated with Warrington New Town. They helped provide an attractive landscape which has played and continues to play a vital part in the success of the Warrington New Town.”

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