Green roof Gazebo…

A green roof gazebo in the Pennines has earned a £250 holiday voucher for Penny Bennett Landscape Architects who entered a photo of the gazebo into Q Lawns’ recent photography competition.
The voucher was offered as a prize in the competition to find the “Directors’ favourite” picture of Q Lawns products in use. “We received some fantastic pictures of Enviromat, Turf and Woodchip Mulch” says Angela Lambert, Q Lawns’ Sales and Marking Co-ordinator “There was a lot of deliberation over which photo was the most appealing and in the end we awarded two runner up gifts as well as the main prize”
Penny’s picture was chosen because it shows just how a mature green roof can enhance and accentuate a garden building. The Enviromat sedum matting in this picture was installed approximately three years before this photo was taken. The sedum plants have survived 13 degrees of frost, lots of rain and some dry spells and are still looking fantastic. This photo was taken in July when sedum leaves often take on a cherry red hue in response to a lack of rainfall.
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