Green Flame Gun…..Spaldings

Spaldings have introduced the Sheen GreenFlame’ Flamegun to their grounds maintenance range. The innovative tool destroys weeds with a controllable flame which has a core temperature of 2000°F. The flamegun provides the user with an effective and organic form of weed control which leaves ground free from potash for conservation.
“The paraffin fuelled flamegun is a cost effective and safe alternative to chemical weed killers” says Catherine Locking, Groundcare Sales Director for Spaldings. “The non-toxic tool removes the threat of poisonous hazards to crops, soil and wildlife making the flamegun suitable for use in a variety of situations.”
The user friendly tool comes equipped with an easy starting function to start quickly and with minimal effort. The robust design incorporates a large 4.5 litre tank to minimise downtime and includes an integral pressure pump, precision control valve and burner for effective flame control.
“The flamegun can be used for more than weed control it can also be used for surface sterilisation and thawing” Locking says. “The tool will prove to be invaluable all year round as portable heat can be used to clear rubbish and debris during the autumn months and thaw pipes and clear ice during the winter months.”

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