Give them shelter!

Site Relief is a non-profit, charitable organisation that has been set up to aid humanitarian projects around the globe.
By sending skilled tradesmen with tools and funds for resources, Site Relief can support NGOs in providing shelter for those affected by conflict, oppression, poverty and natural disaster.
Teams of skilled workers can see that shelter is built quickly and to a higher standard than has been achieved over the years. We can provide training and assistance to local communities so that the limited resources of aid efforts can reach greater numbers of people affected.
Tool drops will allow local workers and volunteers to begin rebuilding their communities with us on the ground to support their efforts.
Right now there has never been a greater need for humanitarian assistance across the globe and Site Relief are inundated with shelter projects that can use our help. Site Relief is raising funds to send volunteers out to reach them.
It’s worth supporting this charity to become a global provider of shelter to those in desperate need.                      to donate
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www.facebook .com/siterelief

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