Giant vegetarians

Reeds which originated in the Lower Himalayas right through to the Mediterranean are now screening the Rhinos of Nepal exhibit at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo thanks to Wimborne-based Knoll Gardens.

Endangered in their natural environment, the four adult and two young Asian one-horned rhinos, both born at Whipsnade, are now enjoying life to the full in their refurbished home. The zoo has recently invested £1m in fantastic new surroundings for these armour-plated giants, including indoor heated pools, to allow the extended family to wallow all year round. Visitors to the Rhinos of Nepal are also well catered for in ZSL’s first fully green exhibit, with features including a specially designed watchtower and spacious viewing area.

“We were delighted to supply several hundred Arundo donax to Whipsnade,” said Knoll Gardens’ owner, Neil Lucas. “They come from a family of bamboo-like reeds that originated from the same part of the world as these giant vegetarians. Whilst they will not be on the menu, they will form a fantastic feature as well as effectively screening the rhino’s indoor area.”

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