Garden of eden

Tulips in the Mediterranean Biome (pic Stephen Bedser).

Following one of the coldest winters in recent memory, the Eden Project is springing into life from March onwards as more than a million bulbs burst into flower and the project celebrates the beauty of the plant world.

In the Mediterranean Biome, multicoloured swathes of tulips will be flowering from March with hyacinths, peach blossom and blooming Mediterranean shrubs adding to the colour. Meanwhile, the bulk of Eden’s outdoor daffodil crop will burst into colour, complemented by a selection of crocuses and spring flowering shrubs.

Also flowering early in the season will be a ribbon of thousands of grape hyacinths tracing a blue path through the grass on the roof of the Link building between the Biomes.

Outdoors in April and May, a selection of English wild flowers including bluebells, campions and violets will be blooming. This late spring period is also the peak flowering time for many plants in the Mediterranean Biome, including the beds of poppies in the Californian region.

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