Fusion Media Selected

Sherriff Amenity, one of the leading turf care and sports equipment suppliers in the UK, has chosen Fusion Media (Europe) Limited to PR and advertising activities in the UK.
Formed in 1994, Sherriff Amenity has established a reputation as the industry leading supplier of professional products and specialist advice. Sherriff Amenity is a wholly owned division of Agrovista, the premier supplier of agronomy advice and crop protection products to the UK arable market. The business is part of the global Marubeni Corporation, which was founded in 1858 and employs almost 30,000 people across the world.

“We picked Fusion Media because they had the best approach to an integrated campaign with traditional and digital media. Their ideas for the campaign were perfectly suited to our needs,” said Sherriff Amenity’s Marketing Manager Kevin Whitby.(pictured right)
Christopher Bassett, (pictured left) Managing Director at Fusion Media added: “The fact that Sherriff Amenity chose Fusion Media means that our expertise in the sportsturf and amenity industry is well-recognised. We have been advocating an integrated approach combining PR and digital media for years. Our knowledge and expertise in both fields will benefit the visibility of not only Sherriff Amenity but also their range of products and services.”
Fusion Media (Europe) Limited TEl 01322 424 499

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