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To celebrate’s 10th birthday, two eBooks are being offered for free download in October 2008 only. They are: The Principles of Garden Design (normally £9.50) and 24 Historic Styles of Garden Design (normally £7.50). They were written by Tom Turner, whose book on Garden History has come top on since publication in 2005.
The Principles of Garden Design uses 130 photographs to explain the core principles of designing gardens which are useful, well-made and beautiful.
24 Historic Styles of Garden Design uses 230 photographs to give a crisp summary of 4000 years of garden history. It starts with the temples and courtyards of Ancient Egypt and finishes with the gardens of the 21st century.
Tom Turner, a well-known landscape architect and garden historian, said:
‘These eBooks explain the features of the great historic garden styles – and how the next generation of gardens should be designed. Winston Churchill made a wise remark which applies to gardens and politics: "The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you can see."’

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