Visitors to The Carrick on the spectacular shores of Loch Lomond now have more than just a magnificent golf course and breathtaking scenery to excite and inspire them.

A new Huxley floating target green on the practice range beckons invitingly from its location 100 yards out on the water. Paul Mclearn, head greenkeeper at The Carrick enthuses: “It’s great to see golfers on the range enjoying themselves so much. Members and visitors have enormous fun hitting balls to the Huxley target green. We are delighted with this new feature which looks great and is a tremendous success.”

Hugh Fraser, Huxley Golf’s sales manager for Scotland, believes that the Huxley target green can make a big improvement to the accuracy of those all-important wedge shots. "The target area is only 26 feet in diameter and it really gets golfers to focus," he says. "I was amazed at how many golf balls land on the green and the facility is obviously proving extremely popular. Those that miss the target gain some amusement from watching the floating golf balls bobbing on the water.”

The floating target green was constructed for The Carrick using Huxley Golf’s All-Weather Target Turf. This material provides an impact-absorbing surface that looks like a natural grass green and is very low maintenance which makes it very well-suited for this particular application.
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