Five in one machines

 The decision to cut and collect is one to consider as the preference in most situations would be to leave a clean, cutting-free environment in which to enjoy those green spaces. Rolling immediately on the mower improves root structure and improves grass quality.
To fulfil that need for flexibility, a mower needs to be five in one machines, the Profihopper from Amazone  Groundcare fits the bill.
Based around a 0-turn, 24.5 hp diesel engined power unit in either four-wheel drive or two-wheel drive, the 1.25 m wide horizontal flail SmartCut rotor is able to be fitted with a variety of cutting blades from rough cut, fine cut, scarifying or extra-fine cut.
Within 10 minutes the out-front PowerCompactor deck on the Profihopper can be converted, without any tools, from mowing the front lawn of a stately home, complete with stripes, to clearing leaves or cutting light scrub and nettles.
The grass is taken away from the cutting cylinder by augers meaning that the Profihopper cleans up in any weather and any application – be it litter, hedge cuttings, summer bedding plants, grass or leaves that you are trying to collect – it takes it all in its stride.
The 710 litre hopper can pack in over 1000 litres of loose collected grass and the 2.1m tipping height enables the cut material to be taken away in big bags or in a trailer. The shredding action of the flail combinations also starts the composting action much faster to quickly make some organic matter that then can be used as fertiliser or for top dressing.
And if it’s mulching that you want to do then inserting the mulch flap into the cutting head enables you to cut and drop, ideal, for instance, when wilting down wild flower meadows to ensure maximum seed drop before taking away the top organic matter for composting.

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