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A collaboration between PlantWorks and leading grass seed breeder Barenbrug sees the launch on an innovative new lawn seed with ‘rootgrow’ mycorrhizal fungi.

The product – to be marketed under the Green Velvet brand – will be the first in this sector to carry endorsement from the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS).

Suitable for seeding brand new lawns or patching and overseeding existing ones, Green Velvet rootgrow pairs top-quality grass seed with a mycorrhizal fungi that – says its developer PlantWorks – will help homeowners achieve a healthier lawn.

“The addition of our special mycorrhizal fungi boosts the young grass plant’s ability to build an extensive and robust root system, plus kick starts the production of beneficial fungi and bacteria that are vital to healthy soil,” explains Robert Patten, PlantWorks managing director. “A proven treatment for the past decade renowned among gardeners, rootgrow rapidly spreads through the new grass roots to provide sustained benefits without the need for chemical or synthetic intervention.”

By partnering the unique rootzone treatment with Barenbrug grass seed, Robert is confident Green Velvet rootgrow will become the lawn seed of choice. “Produced to the highest possible standards, Barenbrug seed further aids successful establishment and a healthy sward – no wonder it’s relied upon by so many of the world’s most famous sporting locations!” Robert continues. “So together we’re the perfect pairing – something that even the RHS would support, having given Green Velvet rootgrow their valuable seal of approval.”

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