Fighting for fitness

With still no news from the Government on the final cuts to children’s playgrounds, the Association of Play Industries (API) is ensuring its members hard work is kept in the political and media spotlight. The organisation has just published a booklet showcasing the importance of good modern playgrounds, to the communities they serve and most importantly to the children that use them.
Through a series of case studies, the booklet demonstrates how inspirational and beneficial children’s play areas can and have been. Throughout the 2 years of the visionary playbuilder funding, communities have been brought together to raise further funds and to have a say in how their play areas should work, resulting in a real sense of community ownership of these creative playgrounds.
The API has brought together incredible stories of how communities have already benefitted from these new and refurbished play areas and highlights how funding from Government has been so vital in making these places happen and is still needed to ensure all children in the UK have the space and inspiration to play outdoors.
John Croasdale, Chairman of the API, told The Landscaper “Providing children with safe and exciting places to play is vital and the playbuilder funding was aimed at improving play opportunities for older children aged 8-13, that had previously been lacking. The scheme has brought many communities together with children and their families working to create exciting new playgrounds. As the country faces a huge battle against child obesity these playgrounds will also contribute to improving the health of our children, with the long term benefits being massively significant.”

The API is the voice of the UK play industry. With over 80 members, it represents the interests of the play industry: from play space designers, through to manufacturers, constructors and distributors of both outdoor and indoor play equipment and play area surfacing. API members deliver more than 2,000 play spaces every year. The API operates under the umbrella of the Federation of Sports and Play Associations (FSPA); the national trade body responsible for representing 17 Associations in the UK’s sport and play industries.

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