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Andy Gray

A new fertiliser from British Seed Houses is proving its worth to Southampton Football Club.
Andy Gray, Head Groundsman tried Fertilis Swing for the first time in preparation for the new season, and has been highly impressed with the results.
“Sandy Pentecost from BSH visited me and told me about Fertilis Swing, a new fertiliser with a ‘key ingredient’ so I thought I would give it a try,” he explains. “It is unusual really because it was first developed for use on golf courses. Football clubs seem to be catching on because I know that other clubs are using it now as well.”
Andy took the top of the pitch off on 1st June, before turning the topsoil over on the 2nd and 3rd. The pitch was then re-levelled and seeded on 4th June.
He purchased 12x25kg bags of Fertilis Swing, an organo-mineral NPK fertiliser with magnesium, sulphur along with trace elements Boron, Iron and Zinc, and applied it at the same time as seeding.
“Because I was tight with time this year, I had to put the ‘pre seed’ fertiliser application down at the same time as the seed, rather than before seeding, which is common place as it prepares the soil for the seed.“
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