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Now marketed through Broadwood International, the Wessex ProLine Series of Professional Roller Mowers are ‘proving the ideal solution for the sports turf, local authority and amenity contractors market’.

Incorporating many class-leading characteristics, the ProLine range includes a new feature called ‘Zone Hardening’. During manufacture the GoldCut blade tips receive an additional treatment that gives increased hardening to the cutting edge. This ensures a much longer service life than a standard blade.

The ProLine’s precision blade tips travel at a forward speed of 96.5m / sec to give a premium quality cut on sports and amenity turf. In recent trials a ProLine 240, 2.4m model ‘cut a full size soccer pitch in a very impressive 12 minutes’.

The ProLine’s blade tips can be simply replaced when worn, making them cost-efficient when compared to the extensive maintenance costs incurred in keeping a cylinder mower in good working order.

The ProLine is currently available in 1.8m, 2.4m, and 3.0m versions with on-site demonstrations available.

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