EverEdge now offer an anchorage system designed to provide extra stability in soft or sandy ground.

Made from recycled plastic, the anchor slides up the teeth of both the EverEdge Classic and ProEdge ranges forming a tight fit. The simple sleeve design of the EverEdge Anchor allows for easy installation. Once attached, a 300mm long rebar fixing pin is inserted through the back which reaches down into firmer earth below ground.

Sold separately, the EverEdge Anchor has been manufactured as an optional extra and, whilst it is not required on most applications, there are certain soil conditions which require a firmer grip in the ground. As ‘The Edging Company’, EverEdge prides itself on being able to offer the solution to all edging requirement and this is the newest addition to our already extensive range of edging products.

Where the addition of an EverEdge Anchor is required, as a general rule, not more than one per metre should be needed. In extremely soft conditions, it may be necessary to increase this amount.

Each sleeve and rebar will only cost 45p

Tel/ Fax: 01453 731717 E-mail: sales@everedge.co.uk


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