Even a stripe

LazyLawn will be exhibiting at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show The firm will be showcasing one of its premier lawn grasses in a contemporary setting demonstrating the products realistic look, feel and practical use in a small modern garden.

LazyLawns have been used for a variety of applications, transforming muddy lawns into green clean
areas and unsightly roof terraces into urban retreats. LazyLawns are popular with busy families
(predominantly with kids and dogs), as they are highly durable and meet their lifestyle needs.
marketing manager, Andy Driver says “We are delighted to have the opportunity to showcase our
products at this renowned RHS event. Visitors will be able to see how a LazyLawn can enhance their
outdoor space. Shaded gardens can make it difficult for real turf to grow and families with kids and
pets are often left frustrated with a sad and muddy looking lawn. LazyLawns can also be the ideal
solution to a roof terrace, creating a green area to escape to and enjoy the city or country views”.

Flowers, trees and shrubs can all flourish around a LazyLawn and as well as an obvious alternative to a
natural lawn, it can also be used instead of stone and decking in a contemporary setting. LazyLawn has
been used in the Garden of the Big Brother house for the past 2 years and in a funky retro garden
project like this, it has been used up walls and a stripe effect was even added.

A LazyLawn can be recycled at the end of its life (approx 15 yrs), if the correct procedures are followed
and there is no need for mowing, watering or the use of fertilisers. LazyLawns are fully UV stabilised
and are backed by a 12yr warranty.

Tel 01572 767591 or email andy@lazylawn.co.uk. www.lazylawn.co.uk

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