Europe’s tallest ……Frost Landscapes

The tallest living wall in Europe has just been unveiled – a stunning biodiversity feature in the heart of the City, covering the courtyard of the new Mint Hotel near the Tower of London.
Designed and built by Frosts Landscape Construction, the wall of flowering plants extends the full height of the hotel’s internal courtyard up to the 11th floor. The wall provides a beautiful backdrop viewed through a glass roof in the hotel reception area, and a green vista from each of the hotel bedrooms facing the courtyard. The planting also wraps around the outside of the building extending upwards from the 9th storey and connects with a large green roof area on top of the hotel.
Aidan Lane, director at Frosts Landscape Construction, told The Landscaper “Living walls are an increasingly popular alternative to stone facades. Everyone wants to see green spaces, not a concrete jungle. But it’s very unusual to see this extent of planting on a live building. We are thrilled to have been involved in such a landmark project for the City, and everyone loves the result.
"This project was a real technical challenge due to its location and height. It’s a testament to what is now possible thanks to a well engineered system, greater knowledge and real enthusiasm among clients, architects and contractors.

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