Results from Marshalls’ own Energy Saving Week this year have shown that employees could save a huge £425,000 on energy bills and cut their carbon footprint by over 3,000 tonnes.
In September, Marshalls held its very first Energy Saving Week initiative where employees learned how they could reduce their carbon footprint and save money on their energy bills. As part of the campaign, employees were given top tips on reducing their carbon footprint, had the chance to use energy saving monitors at home, and competed with colleagues on a state-of-the-art smarter Driving Simulator.
Marshalls’ Energy Saving Week, which will take place every year, aims to encourage employees to look at the energy they use at home and at work and find ways to cut down and save money. Chris Harrop, Marshalls’ Group Marketing Director, says: “Carbon reduction is a key business issue for us. The current financial climate is affecting businesses as much as it’s affecting employees, and it’s only by seeing how much energy we use everyday that we’re going to be able to make a difference to the way we behave at work and at home. Marshalls’ Energy Saving Week is all about working together to find ways we can save energy, reduce our carbon footprint and ultimately save money.”
Figures from this year’s Marshalls Energy Saving Week revealed that, on average, each employee could potentially save £175 on their energy bills per year and cut their carbon footprint by 1.3 tonnes through simple energy saving activities such as using energy efficient lightbulbs and installing loft insulation.

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