Baxters Perfect Edge have launched a new lawn and garden border design and cutting system. Aimed at landscapers. Perfect Edge comprises a series of straight, curved and angled plastic templates which, when fitted together, make over 40 different designs and remove the need for gardeners to use string, hosepipe or planks of wood. Operatives can create their own designs or select from the many different template options. The user simply chooses their template, lays it onto the lawn, secured by the pins supplied, and using the specially designed edging iron cuts the turf and creates the design. The template is left in place while the surplus turf is removed and then lifted away to reveal the Perfect Edge. The finished effort is a stunning lawn edge, garden border or flowerbed that is perfect in cut, depth and symmetry.
Perfect Edge comes as a starter kit comprising straight and curved edges, 90-degree angles, connectors, pins to secure the track and the specially designed cutting tool. Baxters have also launched an add-on pack which raises the number of designs to over seventy.
Extremely versatile, the product can be used in conjunction with block paving and brick work to quickly create paths and garden features which would normally be far more time consuming.

The starter kit retails at £49.99 and the accessory kit at £19.99 RRP

www. baxtersperfectedge.com
Tel 01926 497914

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