Earning it’s stripes!

The “V-Ride” stand-on mower is in the range of SCAG mowers supplied by STM Co Ltd in the UK and parts of Europe. It finds a lot of popularity for its being a small and nimble machine, ideal for intricate work.
Now Jamie Jones of Jamie’s Garden Services, working on domestic and commercial contracts in Llandrindod Wells, Powys, has added to its virtuosity by having a striper unit added. This was specially developed for him by STM, using a standard SCAG Turf Tiger striper unit converted to fit the machine.
He came to choose a V-Ride after much research, a lot of which was with American Lawn Care professionals, and SCAG was among the names that soon came up for serious consideration.
He likes the stand-on principle and has since found it has been a wise choice for the work he does.
“ If I have a nice open piece of lawned area then I use the striping kit. I feel that it is important to stand out from other grass cutting providers and the finished product is what matters to customers. If they are paying for a service then it is important that you stand out from the rest and quality stripes on the lawn is what customers like.
Although he could have gone as wide as 61” with his deck choice, he opted for 48” for ease of access. He has found this, and the compact size of the V-Ride, has an additional benefit in fitting compactly on his trailer.

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